Paralegal/Legal Services

Our organization consistently puts a huge spotlight on the customer without fail. Here at Debt Relief Alberta, our goal is to lead you to complete debt freedom and give you the tools to stay out of it forever too.

We give a full extent of paralegal services, including small claims court depiction with both Plaintiff movement to bring you obligation help. Regularly, paralegals charge level expense that are lower than legal advisors, which will help decline lawful expenses. We offer proficient legitimate exhortation to any client who comes our way and in a sensible manner.

In Ontario, the Small Claims Court is a division of the Superior Court of Justice. Authorized Paralegals can speak on behalf of you in asmall claims court about obligation gathering in Ontario.

This will be an effective method to settle your case as small claimscourts are less complex, court expenses are lower, and the procedure is quicker. They can speak to you as the Plaintiff or Defendant in an Ontario Small Claims Court activity. We have long periods of experience and are well in the know of the most recent changes in Small Claims Court strategies.

Debt Relief Alberta’s Paralegals can speak on your behalf if you have any debt related issues that need to be taken to court. Whether you decided that you need to bring someone to court, or your collector is threatening you, we can support you throughout it all.

Call us today to learn more about how our paralegal services are readily available for you. Debt Relief Alberta believes everyone is deserving of legal advice, however, we ensure top quality for an incredible price.

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