Lump Sum Settlements

A Lump Sum Settlement might be the best choice for you since it means you are paying off all your debt and do not have to worry about high interest charges. If you are in debt and happen to come up with a large amount of money that you can now put towards paying off your obligation, a lump sum settlement may be the best option for you. Before going through with this plan, Debt Relief Alberta will sit with you to ensure this is the best option to bring you complete debt freedom.

Often people who are dealing with debt come up with a large amount of money either because a parent passed away, they borrowed from a family or friend, or it was given over to them as a gift. If this is the case, there is a way to use this money to settle your debt.

On the off chance that you think this is the correct choice for you, call us today to talk about if this is the best suitable option for your debt case. You might be qualified for this on the off chance that you have an enormous total of cash, or a family or companion is willing to loan you a huge wad of money to pay back later with a much smaller interest fee than any bank.

If this is you, act fast! It may be very tempting to spend that money elsewhere, so be sure to call us right away to learn more about whether a lump sum settlement is applicable to you. Our friendly staff will book you in for a free consultation where we will go over everything you need to know about you are holding and what your monetary future looks like. Debt Relief Alberta looks forward to getting you back on the path to financial recovery.

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