Debt Management Program

While we offer many debt relief programs here at Debt Relief Alberta, one of our most popular programs is our Debt Management Program. With over 15 years of experience, we have helped millions of Canadians pay off their debt in an average of 3 years by consolidating their debt into one monthly payment.

Here is how it works: This program works by merging all your credit card debt intoone regularly scheduled installment. You will make this payment to us, who will then distribute it to your various creditors. It is our mission to satisfy these creditors on your behalf.

However, before we can begin this procedure, we must get approval from your creditors. If it is an organization like ours approaching them, they will most probably agree and give as the okay to go ahead with the Debt Management Program.

Through this debt relief program, we can guarantee:

  1. Lower your loan fees
  2. Reduce regularly scheduled installments
  3. Eliminate expenses and over-limit charges
  4. Credit scores are not a factor
  5. You will not get annoying phone calls from collectors anymore
  6. Consolidate credit bills into one regularly scheduled installment
  7. Build a practical spending plan and money related arrangement you can pursue

If you are ready to hear more about our Debt Management Program and whether it is suitable for you, call Debt Relief Alberta for a free consolation today. Our reputable customer services representatives can give you a brief overview on the phone and book you in for an in-person meeting. We are flexible and ensure we find an appropriate time to meet with your busy schedule.

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