Stony Plain

Here at Debt Free Alberta, we work with our clients to get them a consumer proposal. This is one of our most popular programs as we help lower the amount of debt you owe. If you live in Stony Plain and want to hear more about whether our consumer proposal, or a different debt relief program is the right choice for you, you have come to the right place.

A consumer proposal is a lawful procedure that gives an account holder a rearranged streamlined technique to settle their obligations with loan bosses without filing for bankruptcy. The proposition can be custom-made to suit your present budgetary circumstance. Consumer proposals are planned to help diminish the quantity of people who file for bankruptcy.

What are the Benefits of a Consumer Proposal? A consumer proposal has many highlighted benefits:

  1. Prevents creditors from taking any legal actions
  2. Stops wage garnishments
  3. Interest stops from when you file for a consumer proposal
  4. Manageable monthly payments
  5. Reduces the amount of debt you owe, and so on

If you are ready to become debt free, now is your chance. Debt Relief Alberta helps the people of Stony Plain get well on their way to debt freedom through our amazing debt relief services that have brought millions of Canadians to complete debt freedom.