Spruce Grove

At Debt Relief Alberta, we are committed in providing individuals with solutions to their debt problems by producing quality service and delivering professional and practical advice. We will explain all the alternatives and work with you to develop the best course of action to get on with your life.

Debt Relief Alberta is an independent firm that is not funded by any financial institutions or retailers. With over 15 years of experience, we have helped the people of Spruce Grove become debt free through our various debt relief programs.

We offer debt counseling to those looking to get out of debt and lead you to debt freedom. Our professional consultants have the flexibility and freedom due to our independent status to educate our consumers about credit related issues. We deal with your creditors directly and negotiate payments that both you and the creditors are comfortable with in the debt counseling program.

We offer services such as: legal/paralegal services, debt management program, money management program, lump sum settlement, student loan assistance, mortgage assistance, and so on, we are certain we have something for you.

If you live in Spruce Grove and are ready to get control on your life again, call Debt Relief Alberta today! We have a variety of debt services that will help you get a second chance at life again.