Debt Relief Alberta helps the people of Edmonton get the debt help they need to push forward monetarily. We have and continue to help millions of Canadians through our 15 years of experience in the debt world.

As we have dealt with a tremendous amount of cases so have seen it all and can help with just about any debt case. Our staff are professional and caring and treat you with the outmost respect.

Since most of our staff were once in your shoes, we understand the struggles and stress that comes with money related issues. We are here for you emotionally as well throughout the entire process.

When using our services, we guarantee many benefits:

  1. We will offer you help to rebuild your credit rating.
  2. You do not have to worry anymore about selling your home, car, or any other assets.
  3. Only we will know you are on a DMP unlike when you file for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal which are a matter of public record.
  4. All debts included in the DMP are erased from your credit reports 2 years after you finish the program or 6 years after you start (whichever comes first). No other debt relief program is removed from your credit reports this quickly.

If you live in Edmonton and ready to be our next debt free success story, call Debt Relief Alberta today. We know how to help so let us be the ones that set you financially free now.

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