If you live in Brooks, Debt Relief Alberta is prepared to furnish you with the debt help you need to bring you to complete debt freedom.

This all happens by introducing you to our Debt Management Program (DMP). Our DMP, which was designed and crafted by our staff through endless trial and error. This process happens by combining every single one of your credit card payments into one monthly payment; that is all based on what you can afford and your budget.

We will then take this one month payment and distribute the funds to your various creditors. This will be a monthly process. Following this, your debt interest rates are usually reduced to zero. For those creditors who will not fully eliminate your interest, it will usually get substantially reduced.

We offer other various services such as: legal/paralegal services, money management program, lump sum settlement, student loan assistance, mortgage assistance, and so on, we are certain we have something for you.

If you live in Brooks and are prepared to get the debt help you need to move forward financially, call us today! Debt Relief Alberta is ready to help you become financially stable immediately.